Guiding digital growth

Helping you make confident digital decisions.

I help kiwi non-profits leadership teams through a mix of expert advice, planning support and ongoing coaching. We will work through three fundamental questions.

Starting where you are at.

Understanding your current systems, capabilities, risks and opportunities is the start of your journey. With technology changing so fast it's easy to get stuck in the past and miss opportunities.

My review of your systems will not count your computers and tell you how old they are - you should know that already. I’ll learn first about your organisation, it's mission and aspirations. Then I’ll take a high level look at your current systems and suppliers through management and governance lenses. Finally I'll consider stakeholders' everyday digital habits. Putting this all together to deliver a digital SWOT focused on your opportunities and threats going forward.

How I deliver your digital SWOT it is totally up to you. You might want a formal report to your board or funders. Or you may only want a workshop to work through the viability of a proposed project. Either way, I'll include my recommendations for all aspects of any initiatives; change management, resourcing and funding options to support technology suggestions.


"Hazel is a great listener and has the skill, empathy and respect to adapt her relationship management and delivery to suit the specific needs of Big Buddy and the personalities in the team. It is very reassuring to have Hazels expertise and attention to detail as part of our organisation and she is a pleasure to work with. It is impressive how quickly and effectively Hazel has engaged with all the stakeholders to understand our current state and to lead the thinking about scale, security and efficiencies now and into the future."

Paul Burns

Find out where to go

You've heard the old moonshot story? The Americans spent $2 billion on a pen that worked in zero gravity. The Russians took pencils.

You always have tech choices to make. How you make them depends on what your objectives, priorities and your resources.

I start planning from a proven theory of change. Your size, sector, funding streams, operational activities and organisational culture all influence what's achievable and how fast you can achieve it.

Then we'll co-create practical and holistic return on investment criteria. Only then will we start considering specific technologies and evaluating options. After all - technology is only a tool for maximising impact.

Funding, Resources & Time

The biggest digital challenge most non-profits face is the time and energy  to make changes. There is no spare money and everyone is too busy to do something extra. So where do you start?

With small steps: Taking everyday issues and making things a bit better or easier one thing at a time.

@home: start with internal processes to minimize reputational risks. An online H&S incident or expenses claim form are the sort of thing where you can make life easier for your team AND build their digital confidence.

And at low cost: the software I use (but don't sell) to prototype processes can have an online phone "app" that loads data directly into a database ready to test in an hour or so. This helps you work out what you don't know before shopping for a permanent solution.

Arriving Safely

Since the 2015 safety at work act came into force I've helped a lot of nonprofits get compliant. I've lots of experience (including a year spent as the Safety Officer at Greenpeace NZ) and the digital skills to help you establish a low cost, online, paper-free system that people will actually use.

In fact re-newing your H&S system; all of it - policy to online practice - is a great way to start building digital skills and confidence in your team before you tackle mission delivery systems. I offer a fixed price "review and improve" project suitable for a grant applications on a no funding no fee basis. Call me to learn more and get a quote for your "size and shape".