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I help kiwi non-profits leadership teams through a mix of expert advice, planning support and ongoing coaching.

Every journey needs to be planned from where it starts and your digital journey is no different. At it's heart are three questions

Starting where you are at.

Every journey needs to be planned from where it starts; your digital journey is not different. I’ll start by learning about your organisation, it's mission, ambition and challenges. I’ll also look at your current systems, suppliers and governance. We'll end up with a digital SWOT.

You might want that SWOT presented in a formal report to your board or funders. Or you may only want to chat about the viability of a proposed project. Either way, I'll include recommendations to meet the opportunities and threats identified.


"Hazel is a great listener and has the skill, empathy and respect to adapt her relationship management and delivery to suit the specific needs of Big Buddy and the personalities in the team. It is very reassuring to have Hazels expertise and attention to detail as part of our organisation and she is a pleasure to work with. It is impressive how quickly and effectively Hazel has engaged with all the stakeholders to understand our current state and to lead the thinking about scale, security and efficiencies now and into the future."

Paul Burns

Find out where to go

You've heard the old moonshot story? The Americans spent $2 billion on a pen that worked in zero gravity. The Russians took pencils. You always have tech choices to make. How you make them depends on what your priorities and your resources.

I start planning with a theory of change, your direction of travel and that SWOT. Never a particular technology and maybe not even a "pain point". To that I might add some inspirational and relevant examples of how others use tech. Or show you a demo of a system.  All with the aim of planning the digital changes that will add value to your work.

Funding, Resources & Time

The biggest digital challenge most non-profits face is finding a space to make changes. There is no spare money and everyone is too busy to do something extra. So where do you start?

Because I understand the non-profit sector as well as technology, I can help you make decisions about funding and resources. Is it better to look for a grant or a volunteer? How do you up-skill a team without (ideally before!) changing their core system? Do you need an interim step? My role as your navigator is to help you ask the right questions then find the best answers for your unique circumstances.

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