Guiding digital growth

Helping you make confident digital decisions.

I help kiwi non-profits leadership teams explore options, make plans and take digital steps towards their goals. Through a mix of expert advice, planning support and ongoing coaching I enable them to take control of their digital destiny. I cut through the sales hype and offer a frank assessment of where you are now and what you can realistically aspire to and maintain.

My interventions are designed to help you do what you need to do more easily, or more effectively - preferably both! The things I most often help with are

Independent Assessment

Get my expert, independent opinion on where you stand today. And how you could, or should, invest in digital for tomorrow.

You may need a formal review delivering a report written for your board or your funders.  I’ll evaluate your current digital strategy, policies, suppliers, systems and staffing to produce a digital SWOT analysis. It will include recommendations to meet the opportunities and threats identified.

Or you may only want advice about the viability of a project proposal. Or options to solve an ongoing problem. I can help there too

It all starts with a free, no obligation chat.


We’ll discuss all your options in as much detail as you need; building your digital skills and confidence in the process.  In that way you’ll be comfortable with the decisions you make at every stage; starting with digital plans to support your mission goals before moving on to specific project plans and budgets.

Funding Support

For plans requiring external funding I’ll can help to develop the business case.  In the last few years I’ve helped clients get over half a million dollars of contestable funding and release many times as much from their own reserves.


"Hazel is a great listener and has the skill, empathy and respect to adapt her relationship management and delivery to suit the specific needs of Big Buddy and the personalities in the team. It is very reassuring to have Hazels expertise and attention to detail as part of our organisation and she is a pleasure to work with. It is impressive how quickly and effectively Hazel has engaged with all the stakeholders to understand our current state and to lead the thinking about scale, security and efficiencies now and into the future."

Paul Burns

Building digital skills

Remember learning financial skills for non-financial managers? They are part of the skill set every budget holder needs, although they do not make you a qualified accountant.  I believe that these days, all leaders need a similar level of digital skills to manage their data and systems. Without them, you're at the mercy of your suppliers.

I construct personal development plans for senior staff, especially those managing software and supplier contracts.  I’ll use your technical issues as learning opportunities for everyone involved so that “next time” you should be able to do more without external experts like me.

Digital Governance

Most digital governance advice is for big corporates. Mine isn’t. Built on international standards and NZ Government advice it is slimmed down to a practical, affordable approach that matches your non-profits size and scope of operations. I can draft policy, suggest KPIs and help design operational standards that allow for light but effective governance and operational oversight.

Better IT management

Gaining “digital management for non-digital managers” skills allows you to manage about 80% of your IT needs yourself; whether your IT team is on-staff or outsourced. That includes knowing what the remaining 20% is and what to do about it. I’ll identify the right skills, systems and service level agreements for your operational needs. And show you how to set those up.

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