About me

Your coach and wayfinder

I've worked in New Zealand's non-profit sector for nearly 20 years. I'm Auckland based but have helped organisations from Whangarei to Invercargill; working online as far as possible to reduce costs and build digital confidence.  I do NOT fix computers, write code or design websites. But I can show you how to get rid of all that admin and paperwork while developing better records to prove legal and contractual compliance.

My specialisation is designing practical, sustainable record keeping, information flow and compliance in small organisations who have complex needs but a limited budget. It's built on my unique skills mix in technology, governance and change management.

Technology: I've always worked in the tech sector. First as a developer, rising form graduate programmer to international software department head. Then in New Zealand with a user focus as organisational IT leader and later a Consultant.

Governance: I've served on several NGO boards and, pre-Covid, was a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors. Much of my consultancy work is producing small organisation sized policies for legal compliance requirements like H&S or Privacy.

Change Management:  After many years creating technology solutions for operational issues, I consolidated my change management experience in 2011 with an MSc in Organisational Development from Hult International Business School (Ashridge UK).

Typically I work in small steps; coaching organisational leaders as they learn how to manage technology to solve administrative problems, (without  learning to code!).  This might involve

  • A policy review centered on the issue in hand. Typically replacing a "cut and paste from the internet" version with something crafted to meet your needs and your culture. Then making sure this integrates with related policies on employment, privacy and H&S.
  • Evaluating system options. Do you have software you're not making best use of? Or will you need to start from scratch?
  • Experimenting with automation. First we'll automate one  "niggly" admin chore to build confidence and triggers. When you're happy we'll do another.  You'll never try to manage processes by spreadsheet again!
  • Selecting solutions or suppliers once we've worked out what is needed.

Want to know more? Call me.

Headshot April 2021

"Hazel is a personable, unassuming person who knows way more than you realise. She is a strategic thinker and has great networks. She (as every good IT person should) wants to fit the IT and work systems around how your workplace operates, rather than make you fit around the latest and shiniest IT toy. She thinks carefully, works with you and is up front about costs and wants to save you wasting money. I will always and without fail call on Hazel for IT systems."

Colleen Fakalogotoa