Small Organisation Compliance Solutions

There are three parts to any compliance solution

  1. Policy - what needs to be done
  2. Processes - how you do it
  3. Record Keeping - the data you keep to show who did what, when and where

We specialise in helping small organisations, mainly non-profits, to develop effective, affordable and minimal effort solutions. Replacing spreadsheets and post it notes with online software that automates reminders and sends a alert when things are slipping.

  • Health, Safety and Wellness
  • Privacy
  • Client management
  • Grant accountability

HAZEL Jennings

Your solution finder

I’m a people focused professional with over two decade’s experience coaching senior managers and NGO boards as they replace their spreadsheets with databases.

Headshot April 2021

“Hazel helped me navigate through the complexities of information technology to help me work out what my agency needed now and in the future. Her no nonsense style is honest and gives confidence to the decisions that I need to make.”

Michelle Clayton
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