Growing Community Organisations

I help organisations develop effective and affordable information systems that integrate compliance, mobile, social, automation and data management.  (and yes that can include AI).

I offer expert,advice on which suppliers and software would work best for you. And because I don't sell computers, write software, design websites or develop apps,  I am totally vendor independent.

Call me to have a no obligation chat about how your business can have a better back office.

  • Selecting the right system
  • What to outsource - and to who?
  • Systems for re-registering your Incorporated Society
  • Growing the skills to make the best of your systems

HAZEL Jennings

Your operational expert

I’m a people focused capability builder with over two decade’s experience mentoring senior managers and NGO boards in New Zealand.

Headshot April 2021

“Hazel helped me navigate through the complexities of information technology to help me work out what my agency needed now and in the future. Her no nonsense style is honest and gives confidence to the decisions that I need to make.”

Michelle Clayton
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