This page is a DIY toolbox for charities. It will help non-technical leaders take control of their technology. I will add to it regularly. If you can’t find something please contact me and ask.

Useful links

  • The Privacy Commissioner offers free online privacy training modules.
  • Netsafe offers up to date advice on the latest online scams and dealing with issues such as cyber-bullying.
  • Cert NZ is the government's cyber security agency and "your first port of call when you need to report a cyber security problem". Their  "critical controls" give the most up-to-date advice on a the minimum security you need.
  • The NZ Navigator is an on-line self assessment tool to help you evaluate your organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • InfoXchange is an Australian non-profit with online service, software and consultancy services you can usually get in NZ
  • Tech Soup New Zealand is the place to go for donated software, refurbished computers and technical training
  • NTEN and Idealware are American non-profits helping charities with technology. They offer product reviews and on-line training.
  • has both an employment agreement builder and a policy builder tool that include all sorts of IT related issues.

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